2019 marks UCC’s 30th anniversary.
Something’s been growing here for 30 years now!

The seedling became a sapling, the sapling is ready for maturity. We sense a new capacity in this plant, a readiness to set down deep roots. As trees set down deeper roots, the shade they provide grows, the fruit they offer multiplies. In the same way, any strength we gain at UCC is not for our own sake but to offer more invitation to this campus and community. We grow in our capacity to provide shelter to lonely souls, to provide nourishment to hungry spirits. So that the love of Jesus might TakeRoot in human hearts. That’s our prayer and deepest longing.

In this 30th anniversary year we’re following the call of God to free up more resources for this growing ministry. We’re doing this by beginning The TakeRoot Campaign.


Here’s our current situation:

For every $10 given to UCC, approximately $1 goes directly to the mortgage. (And around 66 cents of that dollar is interest!)

The obligation to the mortgage often takes such priority in our budget that we aren’t able to take care of the building and staff as well as we’d like.

As a church we aren’t eligible for a fixed rate mortgage so the interest rate can change at any time. It’s increased several times in the past 2 years.


Here’s what we’re thinking:

Within 3 years we can pay off the remaining $350,000 (approx) of our mortgage to free up $28,000/yr in mortgage payments.

Every $1 we give to the mortgage campaign is worth around $2 because of how much it cuts interest in coming years.

With that extra $28,000 every year, we’ll be able to save for major upkeep on our beautiful (and old) building, provide better support and benefits to our gifted and hard-working staff and dream about new ways God is calling us to share his love with the world.

What’s the plan?

We’ve engaged the services of Rick Vilardo from Transforming Christian Ministries ( which has done this work with hundreds of congregations. He has assessed our goal and believes it’s achievable for a congregation our size.

We already have a team of around 20 committed folks who are excited about what God has in store and we’re making plans to welcome the whole church into the Campaign.

Even before we’ve officially begun, we’re receiving early donations from folks. Just this week a gift of $15,000 was given and paid down on the principal!! This reduces the mortgage by 11 months and saves the church over $20,000 in interest payments!

The Campaign begins:

Jan 27 - Feb 2

Information Meetings

Look for an invitation to come and learn more about the Campaign.

March 3

Commitment Sunday

Pray about how God wants you to participate.

March 17

Celebration Sunday

A church-wide celebration of God’s faithfulness.


God’s work through UCC grows in this neighborhood and God’s love takes root in more human hearts.

TakeRoot FAQ

Q: I don’t have a lot of money. Can I give in other ways?

A: Yes. Though this campaign is geared to raise money to eliminate our mortgage, there are many other ways that you can participate through this 3 year journey. This could include making calls, providing childcare for meetings and other opportunities to support UCC in the TakeRoot Campaign. Or maybe you could use your gifts in creative ways to raise money? We also welcome prayer for the campaign, for our leadership and for our community.

Q: Does all my gift go towards the mortgage?

A: Yes. Our goal in this capital campaign is to get rid of the mortgage on the building. All monies pledged now will be used to clear this debt. If we are blessed to have raised more money than our goal, it will be used to support the ministries of the church.

Q: What will you do with the money we currently spend on the mortgage?

A: We look forward to focusing on ministries instead of the mortgage. Without this drain on our finances, we can take better care of our staff and building, which will allow us to continue to grow in our current ministries and we’re excited for how these new resources will allow us to dream about new ways God wants to work through us. 

Q: Can I give suggestions for new expressions of UCC’s ministry?  

A: Absolutely. Pray with us about needs you see and how you sense God moving here. Think of what can be done with His blessing!

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