We see community as a garden we’re tending together, something that will nourish us but will also be messy and take time and work. It’s uncomfortable to go against our individualistic, hyper-mobile, consumerist culture to be vulnerable, to commit to a place and hope that community will grow but we think it’s worth it and we believe that what we learn from it will bring something to the wider culture. Our hope is that as we figure out what it means to be here and to be with each other, even if we’re very different from each other, the world will say, “If those folks who are rich and poor, young and old, liberal and conservative, black and white can work out a way to be together, there must be something powerful they hold in common!”

A good way to begin learning about community with us is to reach out to one of our pastors.  We’d love to hear what you long for community to be.