Weekly Groups


9:45-10:45am in the office of UCC
Sunday morning Bible Study
For more information contact Anthony Jones.

7pm-8pm in the Sanctuary
Throughout the Summer we will be hosting free yoga classes (bring your own mat) in an effort to experience the connection between our body and spirit. Through this practice our goal is to recognize our own relationship to Christ in his incarnation and in his eternal spirit. For more information
contact Nathan Smith.


8:30-9:30am at Rohs Street Cafe  
Men's Lectio Divina Bible Study
Contact Nathan Smith for more information.


7:00 pm in the Sanctuary
Focus - College Gathering
For more info, contact Aaron Hatton.
This group is for college students
but everyone is welcome.


6-7:30pm in Clifton
Women's Bible Study
Each week a group of young women meet to study and discuss the Scriptures using curriculum from
N.T. Wright's For Everyone series.
For more information contact Erin Barker



9:30 am at Rohs Street Cafe
Prayer Gathering
For more info, contact Mandy Smith .
This group is for women only.



7 am at Rohs Street Cafe
Men's Bible study
Click here to contact us for more information.

8-9am at Rohs Street Cafe  
Men's Lectio Divina Bible Study
Contact Jimmy Cira for more information


Monthly Groups


1st Sunday of each month following second service. Join us as we discuss the intersections between faith and justice within our world.  For more information contact Nathan Smith.


IF gatherings vary between weekly and annual, local and national interactions which center around the question, "If God is real... then what?" 

Click here to learn more about IF:GATHERING or contact our administrator for more information. These groups are for women only.


Along with our weekly groups we host discipleship Huddles which meet throughout the year. For more information regarding joining a Huddle or questions about the group contact Mandy Smith.

hughes Mcmillan st.
community garden

Through the Spring to harvest months UCC is leading an initiative to partner with Hughes High School and UC to plant and maintain community gardens. Within this partnership we will learn the importance of caring for God's creation while building relationship with our neighbors. Along with this an optional study on eco-theology has developed which will be hosted twice a month. For information about getting involved
contact Nathan Smith.

community meals

Throughout the Scriptures we see communities developing and friendships growing over a shared meal. To utilize this wisdom, and to share a meal together, we host Community Meals throughout the school year. Held the second Sunday and fourth Monday of every month UCC members host a meal in their homes for the community to share in fellowship. For more information contact Nathan Smith.