Inspired by the description of community we see in Acts 2,
we have core practices which not only express who we are
and what we believe but, as we practice them,
shape who we are and how well we believe.


Core Practices

Ritual and Rhythm of Life
There is comfort and meaning in continually devoting ourselves to simple faithfulness, shaped by scripture, prayer, communion, life together, sabbath keeping—whether we’re feeling it, or not. In our weekly services, our engagement with the community, our daily home life, we’re learning how a commitment to a lifestyle of faithfulness teaches us the faithfulness of God.

Submission to the Process
We’d like to say we’ve arrived. But we’re learning that spiritual, personal, relational growth are an ongoing process, where questions drive us deeper into scripture and the world and deeper into conversation with each other and with God. It’s humbling but it teaches us that God is the one shaping us and he is kind enough to do it a little at a time.

Through stretching ourselves to give our building, our money, our gifts and time—in short, our whole selves—we are learning to trust in God’s abundance. By following the example of giving ourselves away, we’re leaning into Jesus’ example, and trusting his generosity.

We’re discovering that hospitality is a whole way of life, living gratefully even if we don’t feel grateful, even when there is little to share. As we open our building and homes and lives to each other, we’re understanding more deeply the welcome that Christ has extended to us.

When we set out to do God’s work, it’s tempting to set grand goals and expect easy success. We long for each person in our community to know his love and as we work with him in this effort, we learn his patience. Since this work of sharing his love and developing relationships takes time, we commit to it regularly and faithfully. Which brings us back to ritual and rhythm of life...


Core beliefs

Jesus and the authority of scripture are our central beliefs. We love the old quote:

“In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty, and in all things, love.”

As far as we’re concerned, the essentials are all about the identity and meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. In everything else, there is room for dialogue, with each other,
with our culture and with scripture.

And we hope and pray that dialogue, as everything else we do, can be done with love.


Mission Statement

Sharing the Love of Jesus in Uptown Cincinnati.
Developing Lifelong Kingdom Leaders.

Sharing the love of Jesus takes many forms. And as far as we’re concerned, leadership is choosing to share Jesus’ love. We believe that Jesus wants to share his love through many different people in many different places and so we do whatever we can to encourage and equip each community member as they shape what it means to share that love in their home, their work and their life.



University Christian Church has its roots in the Restoration Movement and Christian Church, Church of Christ Churches and is a member of the Ecclesia Network.